Monday, April 4, 2011

Lazy days

Guilt setting in. Lovely couple of days in Edinburgh - managed to walk the Castle and Royal Mile on crutches without too much payback, then back home on Sunday, before Monday morning dash to Hampshire on a course for four days. Would really rather be digging and turning and tilling and raking.

Slabs (some paid for some freecycle), and bricks (paid for) should be here at the weekend, so it will be time to regroup and see what I've got. The oak will come here when I have time. Sacrilege really, for ease of access the builders chainsawed a perfect pitch oak building framework into "manageable chunks". At least I benefit - otherwise someone somewhere would be having a beautiful oak framed barn erected !

By the way, the Australian asparagus (see earlier posts) is doing fab and will shortly have to go into the garden proper.

Fingers crossed too for the automatic spade - awaiting ebay countdown !

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