Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shedding Tears (3)

4 more bags of sand mixed and tipped. Yesterdays dry mix has started to go off, but is still a bit crumbly, so I can break this up with the rake, at least enough so there should be some adhesion between the two layers. Make sure that this time there's plenty of dry mix, and here we go again.

Why is it that one slab can go in almost perfectly first time, but the next slab takes twenty minutes, breaks your nails, crushes your fingers and you still end up unhappy with how it lays ?

Never mind, by 20:00 darkness is looming but the slabs are in ! Ramped up some drymix around the sides for water falloff - not sure if this is what you do but it's what I did anyway.

Car all packed up 15 minutes later and even though its dark, a good days work and just 10 minutes from beer.

ps - Rhubarb went in a few days ago, just can't remember when

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